Representing the Bel-Air Heights, Bel-Air Park and Braemer Park neighbourhoods of West-end Ottawa.

Baseline Secondary Plan - Letter to Minister Clark Requesting Modification to New Official Plan

The Bel-Air Community Association Board of Directors have joined a group of community associations along the Baseline Road corridor to request for a modification to the City of Ottawa's Draft of the New Official Plan. We are requesting to have a Baseline Secondary Plan added in order to address some of the issues in our communities. Here is a link to the letter sent to Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

City Approves New Official Plan & New Overlay Map for Bel-Air Community Zoning

An Overlay Map was added to the new Official Plan just prior to passing Council. This map shows plans for intensification along the proposed Baseline Transit corridor. For the Bel-Air community, the overlay map indicates intensification from Baseline Road to Navaho Avenue, and from Woodroffe to Bedbrooke. This will have a big impact on our community. A secondary plan needs to be developed to address these proposed zone changes for the communities along the proposed Baseline Transit corridor.


City of Ottawa News Post

10/27/2021 17:15

Council today approved a new Official Plan for Ottawa – the City’s most comprehensive planning document. It marks the first time that Ottawa has adopted a new Official Plan since 2003.

The new Official Plan will guide growth and redevelopment in Ottawa for the next 25 years and is framed around five big policy changes:

  • Growth – encouraging more growth through intensification and providing more affordable housing

  • Mobility – promoting sustainable transportation and encouraging complete streets.

  • Urban Design – ensuring intensification happens in ways that benefit the streets and communities involved

  • Resiliency – bringing environment, climate and health considerations to the forefront of planning

  • Economy – establishing a strong relationship between land use and economic development

The new Official Plan is designed to help Ottawa become a city of connected, green, inclusive and walkable communities, with greater density of housing, employment and services around rapid-transit hubs and along transit corridors.

Council approved an additional funding of $28 million for the Ottawa Public Library portion, $36 million for the City portion and $10 million for the parking facility for Ādisōke, the Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility. The extra funding was required due to price escalation in the Ottawa construction market. Given the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour and material supply, the project schedule has been modified and the facility’s official opening has been pushed back by one year to summer 2026.

Council received an update on the Climate Change Master Plan and heard that greenhouse gas emissions generated across Ottawa decreased by 15 per cent between 2012 and 2020. To meet Council-approved targets, the community will need to decrease emissions by five to six per cent each year over the next five to 10 years. The City’s corporate emissions decreased 43 per cent between 2012 and 2020, mainly due to efficiencies at the Trail Waste Facility. This puts the City ahead of its short-term target to reduce emissions by 30 per cent by 2025.

Council approved the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, which sets out strategies and outcomes to address the root causes of crime, social disorder and ill health, and to improve the safety and well-being of everyone in Ottawa. The plan addresses local risks to safety and well-being at the community level in six priority areas:

  • systems and strategies to address discrimination

  • marginalization and racism

  • financial security and poverty reduction

  • housing

  • mental well-being

  • gender-based violence and violence against women

The plan complements City work underway that addresses these priorities, including the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, the Anti-Racism Secretariat and the Women and Gender Equity Strategy.

Council approved a renewed five-year strategic plan for Long-Term Care Services. The plan emphasizes a person-centred approach to care that focuses on the emotional needs and choices of residents, with consistent staffing in a household-style setting. Person-centred care enriches quality of life for residents, empowers staff, and fosters collaborative relationships. Staff will develop a customized approach and report back with a plan to implement it.

Council also moved to extend the transfer window on OC Transpo buses by 60 minutes while R1 replacement-bus service remains in effect. Staff will update Council on timing for implementation.

For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with the City through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond and Stage 2 LRT

O-Train West Extension: Construction Activities

Ward 8 – Iris to Algonquin Stations

60-Day Lookahead - November through December 2021

The O-Train West Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit Project. The extension will add over 15 km of new rail and 11 new stations between Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie Drive and to Algonquin station. It also comprises a light maintenance and storage facility, 10 new bridges, 14 rehabilitated bridges and 2 cut and cover tunnels.

This notice provides an overview of upcoming activities that will take place between Iris and Algonquin Stations, as well as the expected community impacts including hours of work, noise from crews and equipment, pedestrian, and vehicular changes. While progress on the project is being made, construction activities are expected to continue to cause disruptions for area residents.

Project advancements will continue to the end of year with the completion of the Pinecrest Creek realignment and new drainage infrastructure at Iris Station, utilities relocation along Woodroffe Avenue for the bus detour in 2022, and station construction at Algonquin Station.

Major Works

Iris station

Work at Iris Station on the newly realigned Pinecrest Creek’s new culverts and drainage infrastructure will continue through the fall. In November drilling of supports for the new Iris Street bridge will take place near Parkway Drive. Widening of the Transitway from Highway 417 to Iris Street, to accommodate buses and construction in 2022, will continue through the fall.

Transitway Detour on Woodroffe Avenue

Utilities relocation will continue along Woodroffe Avenue, between Iris Street and Baseline Road, through fall, ahead of road widening construction in the spring. Road widening is required for the bus detour which starts in spring 2022, when the Transitway will close between Iris and Algonquin Stations. The bus detour from the Transitway at Iris Station will operate along Iris Street and Woodroffe Avenue. There will be a new bus-only northbound lane between Iris Street and Baseline Road, southbound bus-only queue-jumping lane at Baseline Road and a new southbound cycle track between Iris Street and the Pinecrest Creek Pathway.

Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond

The stormwater management pond near Woodroffe Avenue and Baseline Road is progressing with structural installation of the pond reservoir basins, stone walls, and some excavation work, continuing through the fall. Approximately 200 new trees have been planted near Iris Street and Navaho Drive. The Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond will be completed in 2022.

Algonquin Station

Structural work on the future Algonquin Station and the bus operator building, adjacent to the Transitway, is advancing, as well as construction of a new parking lot, columns installation, and wall construction. Utility work will be ongoing this fall for the relocation of water and sewer lines on Woodroffe Avenue. Algonquin Station construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

To receive electronic updates please sign up at and click ‘Connect with us.’ Be sure to select updates for “Algonquin Station” (previously known as ‘Baseline Station’).

Bel-Air, Bedbrooke, Field, Iris Integrated Project

Project descriptionThe City of Ottawa is undertaking the design work for the rehabilitation of select street segments within the Bel-Air Community. The work is being conducted to replace aging road, sewer and watermain infrastructure. The replacement of this aging infrastructure will assist in addressing flooding issues experienced within the community.The project limits include:
  • Bel-Air Drive from Checkers Road to Garfield Avenue
  • Checkers Road from easement between 1092 and 1096 Checkers Road to Bel-Air Drive
  • Bedbrooke Street from Bel-Air Drive to Iris Street
  • Field Street from Bel-Air Drive to Iris Street
  • Iris Street from Field Street to 125m east
Project updateIn consideration of comments that were received from residents and stakeholders during the Online Engagement Opportunity held between January 28 and February 16, some revisions and additions have been made to the road designs. These modifications include:
  • Addition of a new Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) on Bel-Air Drive, east of Field Street at the NCC pathway connection
  • Addition of a new concrete sidewalk on the south side of Bel-Air Drive from Field Street to the new PXO crossing
  • Replacement of the existing asphalt sidewalk with a new concrete sidewalk on the north side of Iris Street between Lazard Street and Field Street
  • Modifications of traffic calming measures
Revised plan of the designs [ PDF 12.061 MB ](link is external)Project timingDesign: completedTender award: September 2021Construction start: October 2021Construction completion: summer 2023Phase 1 of the construction works is tentatively scheduled to commence in October 2021. A notice will be mailed out in advance of construction with more details of the phasing schedule.For additional information, please visit: